Cold Culprits’ frontman, Kurt Faraday, was invited to play an acoustic set of original material last Friday night at FortyFive Vinyl Café, in Micklegate, York.

Kurt Faraday performing at FortyFive Vinyl Cafe in York

In contrast to rocking it out Cold Culprits-style with a battery of indie rock and punk covers, Kurt took to the stage with nothing but a semi-acoustic guitar and a home-made stomp box to entertain the crowd.

Kurt’s 30-minute set included a glut of new material alongside a few old favourites. As ever, the songs were driven by vivid description and considered storytelling, touching on themes like civil war, moral indifference, pseudoscience, art, literature and, yes, even interplanetary robotic spacecraft.

“What a kickass night, it was superb to be performing a stripped-down, acoustic set of my own material,” said Faraday. “The fact that there are still events like this taking place to showcase original music in the heart of York is stunning. It makes my week when I’m able to get involved in these gigs, and thanks to Dom at FortyFive Vinyl Café, and people like him, for making sure original music is alive and still kicking it hard on the streets of York.”

Here’s One Drop More, a folk battle song of weariness, futility and suspicion:

I Do My Research, a song about science, pseudoscience and misinformation:

A modern love song, about the love between a man and an interplanetary robotic spacecraft. Yes. Really.

The Scholar, a song written about an educated, artistic woman trying to find meaning in the workaday world.
A new song from Kurt Faraday, Sweet Apathy, written just two days before the performance at FortyFive Vinyl Cafe.
Kurt’s full set list:
  • Pieces of You (original song)
  • One Drop More (original song)
  • Cassini (original song)
  • The Scholar (original song)
  • Dreaming (cover version)
  • Ooh La La (cover version)
  • I Do My Research (original song)
  • Sweet Apathy (original song)

Kurt was on the bill at FortyFive Vinyl Café on Saturday 20 July 2018, along with Keeper of Bees and Evie Barrand.

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