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The Cold Culprits debut single, We Will Bleed, is scheduled for release on 24 April 2020, so here are five things you should know about this York-based electro rock outfit.

Who are Cold Culprits?

Cold Culprits isn’t a band, it’s a guy called Andy Watson. Andy is a musician and freelance writer living on the outskirts of York.

He bought a guitar and performed at an open mic for the first time in February 2017, which resulted in a slot at a local beer festival that year, and the formation of an indie rock band in 2018. When the band decided to focus solely on playing indie rock covers on the pub circuit Andy started to learn drums and keyboards, creating original music as Cold Culprits from early 2020.

His debut single, We Will Bleed, will be released on 24 April 2020.

Which bands have influenced Cold Culprits?

If you’re into Kasabian, The Slow Readers Club or Reverend and the Makers then it’s worth you having a listen to Cold Culprits. If you like the songwriting style of Elbow, Joni Mitchell or Patti Smith then you’re going to enjoy the lyrics of Cold Culprits. Influences include Neil Young, INXS, Bjork, The Clash, The Doors and The Germs, and even a little bit of The Prodigy mixed in among it all.

What's with the name?

The name Cold Culprits is a salute to The Germs, a 1970s LA punk rock band, referencing germs as the culprits of the common cold. The Germs were unstable, self-destructive and incoherent. They also wrote some beautifully poetic lyrics in the few short years before they imploded and their lead singer committed suicide.

Tell Us About the debut single, We Will Bleed

Some songs just happen. Keith Richards says the Rolling Stones’ song, Satisfaction, took him a few minutes to write in a hotel room. Noel Gallagher says he wrote Supersonic in the back room of a studio while the rest of Oasis ate Chinese takeout.

The same cannot be said for We Will Bleed. It was a problem song. It did not want to be born. It came kicking and screaming into the world after Andy spent days wrestling with the lyrics and punching at the melody. Andy plays all the instruments on We Will Bleed, and the song was recorded in his front room.

And what’s the song all about? Mistrust, malformed relationships and sensing that people around you are not totally comfortable. It’s all about a feeling of quiet unease and an unhealthy relationship with the world. You know, the usual stuff.

What can we expect from Cold Culprits in 2020?

Two follow-up singles are lined up and ready to go over the next few months, with an album on the way before winter kicks in. It is expected that Cold Culprits will continue to create music throughout the current economic uncertainty. 

Live shows are just not going to happen this year due to the societal upheavals. The longer-term goal is to get a full band together and start playing all these songs live. For Andy, there’s not much that beats performing in front of a crowd.

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